Roberto Arcangeli

roberto arcangeli fotografo matrimoni

About me...

I live in Perugia, near the beautiful city of Assisi, surrounded by the fantastic Umbrian hills and the most beautiful villages in Italy.
France is my second home, Paris and the Atlantic coast are the places where my work and art meet.

I consider myself a street photographer, a photographer of people.
During your wedding you will always have me at your side, but I will be discreet.
The most important day of your life will belong to you and your loved ones.

I have been working as a wedding photographer for about twenty years, I have gained a great experience both in Italy and in other countries.
This international experience has produced a love for new cultures that has influenced my photographic style.
I have reached a personal, natural and spontaneous style, which today is reflected in my way of working in wedding photography.

I prefer that the bride and groom are natural next to me.
Natural shots are the best, I can capture your most intimate moments spontaneously.
Transmitting emotions through a shot makes this art wonderful and the love for it unique.



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