Wedding Films

Our films use a cinematographic language to document what really happens. We create videos with a quality comparable to that of 35mm-films, thanks to the use of equipment of the highest quality.
But the videocamera is only the tool that helps to create a video that, in order to be defined as "wedding cinema", must have very specific characteristics: it must tell a story using an audiovisual language and following cinematographic techniques.
We use the original audio to transmit emotions and real feelings, creating all the prerequisites for a high-level film production.

With this type of editing we go beyond the classic way of creating a wedding film.
The images of the main events will be reported in an engaging and exciting way (also showing the emotion that transpires from your voices), combining them with an original soundtrack selected for the occasion (we acquire usage, exploitation and synchronization rights).
The film does not necessarily follow the events in their chronological order, but it will order them on the base of a storytelling project.

The editing process involves the creation of a "wedding trailer" lasting 2 - 5 minutes and the "wedding film" (not necessarily with images in chronological order and based on a storytelling project), with a duration that varies from 15 to 20 minutes.

Our conviction is that what makes a film better is not the equipment (though of course when it is used in the best way it certainly helps), but it is the ideas behind the setting up and the recording of a film.
Having said this, we specify that our images are characterized by a cinematographic cut, as well as a color rendering that is very different from that of videos shot with video cameras. Generally one or two operators work, depending on the technical and logistic requirements, using Panasonic Lumix GH5 cameras, with strictly 50mm optics (plus other optics) and external recorders, to capture the best possible sound.
The use of the drone is also important, to create truly striking aerial images.
All our highly advanced equipment (which is constantly updated according to the latest technologies) allows us to work without additional lighting, which will only be needed in extreme situations.
The style of work is that of the wedding report, so from our side there will be no directions, we will report only what really happens, with the greatest possible discretion.